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CSC 105
Computer Applications

Want to take this course In-Class or On-Line?

This course is offered online each semester.  It may also be offered in-class at the Springfield, IL main campus and at outreach centers in Jacksonville, Beardstown, Taylorville, and Litchfield.  

What you'll need for the course: 

1. A Reliable Computer (less than 3 years old) with reliable internet access (see details below). 

2. A free copy of the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite software provided to enrolled students. 

3. Affordable course materials (e-text and print) available for purchase at the LLCC campus bookstore.

Definition of a "Reliable Computer":  

A Personal Computer (PC) such as a desktop computer or a laptop with a full keyboard and mouse OR

An IMAC (Apple computer), IMac Pro, or a Mac Pro with a full keyboard and mouse. 

Note: A tablet such as a Chromebook, Microsoft "Surface", or MacBook CAN NOT BE USED.  The required course software can not be installed on these devices.

PC's with reliable Internet access are available at our main Springfield, IL campus and outreach centers. 

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